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Camping Cookie!

My cousin is always sending me recipes that she thinks will be cool to try with the kids! This one was a great spot from the lovely Nadiya Hussain via BBC Good Food. As soon as a heard her say the words "low heat" I thought "you could do that on a barbecue!"...and so we did!

Now, if you're feeling less al fresco than we were this will obviously work just brilliantly in more normal baking settings! See the lady work her magic by finding Nadiya's Giant Cookie on YouTube via this link:

We had an absolute blast making this and it smelt just AWESOME! Now I'm not going to pretend that I actually got to taste any of this as we had 10 kids in our camping party so it was gone before I could say "somebody find me a spoon". But there'll be more trips and more cookies and we are excited about trying lots of different flavours now we know this works so well!

What to do...

We pre-weighed all our dry ingredients. Our 150g butter was a guess based on the fact that a block weighs 250g - it doesn't have to be spot on!

Wait for the barbecue to die down and melt the butter. Our barbecue was cool enough for the kids to take charge but obviously don't leave them unattended and judge for yourself whether your own barbecue is at the right temperature to be safe for your little ones.

Stir in the sugar and then the egg and extracts

Stir in the flour, salt and bicarb to form a dough

Flatten it out and press chocolate chunks into the surface. Then wait... Now this wait could vary massively depending on how hot your barbecue is and how big your pan is! We also chose to add an impromptu lid to our pan as it was a cold evening (all the better for eating warm cookies!). But you don't have to do this. You'll know it's done when its a little browned and it doesn't "look raw' any more! So basically, when it smells amazing and looks like a cookie you're good to go!

Dig in with your spoons (remembering the pan may be hot!). This was gone in seconds so I believe that means it was amazing, right? I'll just have to make another to find out for sure! What a shame...

Recipe card and method are here:


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