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Tea Cup Crumble

Prep Time:

10 minutes

Cook Time:

40 minutes


6 tea cup crumbles or one large mega crumble!

About the Recipe

We love crumble! You can use whatever fruit you like, we just go by whatever fruit is in season (and therefore often free if we're lucky enough to beat the rush to the blackberry bushes!). But frozen and tinned work just as well. If it's fresh don't forget to sprinkle a little sugar over it before adding the crumble topping!

Blackberry and cooking apple is a good, traditional combination but most things will work! You'll know your crumble is cooked when a knife sinks easily into it (no resistance from uncooked fruit!) and the topping looks a nice golden brown colour.

TIP: It's important to use cold, cubed butter and rub it lightly with the fingertips only. If you squash it into the palms of your hands too much the butter will melt and make the job a little more tricky! But any method will get there in the end...Sadie created beautiful 'breadcrumbs' in about 10 minutes (despite forgetting the fingertips rule often!).

If you have oven-safe tea cups this is a great way to make yummy individual puds - or bake in a large dish for one big sharing crumble. Serve hot or cold with cream, custard or ice cream...YUM!



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