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Creepy Cupcakes and Crafts!

It was the first of our Hop-tu-Naa (halloween) spooktaculars here on the Isle of Man today and what a turn out we had in the glorious setting of Tynwald Mills, St Johns.

My usual assistant is on her happy holidays celebrating Christmas just a teeny bit early with her family! So instead Sadie asked if she could come along with me set up and run things. And I have to say she made an excellent little helper! She'll be coming to join in the fun and ditch the work hat when we run our second workshop on Saturday.

We had a full house of creative kids join us to showcase their talents...see if you can spot your works of art in the video! The cake decorating, as always, was really imaginative but it was also lovely to see everyone putting their own spin on the crafts too - from golden ghosts to grooving skeletons! A lovely day with some super cute kids :-)

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