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Hop tu Naa Bake and Make!

Lucky you if you have received on of our Bumper Monster Pops editions of the Hop tu Naa Bake and Make box!

The instructions are in your box, but just in case things have got messy in the kitchen here they are again!

Chocolate Monster Pops Instructions
Download DOCX • 1.02MB

As always we have packed the box with LOADS of goodies including a great selection of creepy crafts! You'll know what to do with a lot of the craft things, and we've also included instructions for some too. But just in case you need some help with what to do with your box you'll find the instructions and helpful images below...P.S. don't worry if your box contents look a little different to these as crafts do vary!

Magic Slates

Scratch art magnet kits

Hop tu Naa Lantern

We've popped the paints in the box for you too! Please don't use a real candle in these unless closely supervised by an adult - a battery version is much safer!

Monster Sewing

Simply sew the two halves together then make your monster come to life by peeling and sticking all the details in place!

Super shrink key ring

Colour in the plastic image, punch a hole where shown and then get a grown up to pop it into the oven for 1 - 3 minutes at 150 degrees C. Watch it magically shrink before allowing it to cool and adding your key ring!

Stained glass art

Stick the little pieces of coloured cellophane into position on one of your templates and then stick the second one over the top to make a cool 'stained glass' decoration for your window

Handprint bat

Use the extra card provided to draw around your hands before cutting and sticking to the bat template. We've included some google eyes too!

Hanging ghost

Get busy with the scissors, cutting along the template line to make a spooky spiral ghost decoration (ask a grown up for help if needed!)

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