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Easter bunny Bake and Make!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Easter is nearly here (already?! did that happen??) and we are busy prepping our gorgeous Easter edition bake and Make boxes!

You can order you own box for individuals or in sharing sizes, and we'll even throw in free Isle of Man delivery in time for Easter (using offer code IOMfree) if you place your order before Wednesday 5th April!

These treat boxes are absolutely PACKED with fun stuff as usual, including this adorable Bunny Biscuits baking activity:

If you are lucky enough to get a box then here is a little tutorial that might just help you when making the cute little bunny faces:

And here's the recipe card in case there's any kitchen mishaps!!


For all of our cracking crafts we will be uploading instructions here (if they are needed!). Each box may have slightly different contents so don't worry if you see instructions for something that you don't have - you will have something else equally as brilliant in it's place!

Easter Dangly legs craft:

Hand print lilies:

Easter Wreath

You'll find loads of gorgeous vinyl stickers as well as a matching wreath base in your box - simply peel off the backs and stick them together to make your own creation! Here's some ideas:

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