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Getting arty!

We've had a great weekend hosting the Cupcake and Craft workshops at Sunset Lakes - look out for a blog post showcasing your talents once we've had time to recover from that!

I've been busy unpacking the huge amount of stuff that we transported there for all the fun activities, but thought I'd take a break from that to share this little gem of an idea with you as it's a great indoors activity and we're getting more than our fair share of those days at the moment!

It's reaaaalllly easy to set up as all you need is some paper, a paint brush, cotton buds (q-tips) and paint. Paint a trunk and branches on your paper - make it quick as it's going to be covered in pretty patterns anyway. Then get busy with the cotton buds. Simple!

We went all wintry yesterday and did our snowy versions on black card (and, of course, it's just rude not to throw a bit of glitter paint on there too at this time of year...)

In the summertime we went with bright colours on a white canvas - they were just gorgeous!

Of course, you don't have to stick to trees!! I love how creative little minds always come up with great ideas like these without it even being suggested!

The winter version is one of the HUGE haul of crafts that's going to be fully supplied for in our Christmas Bake and Make boxes. So if you don't want to have to buy a litre of paint and a pack of black card just to do this cute activity then we've just made things really easy for you! Head over to the store to order your box today (with a free Isle of Man delivery option included!)

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