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Hop tu Naa!

On the Isle of Man we have Hop tu Naa rather than Halloween. It's pretty much the same for the kids (with one big exception in that we carve turnips rather than pumpkins - not for the feint hearted!!). You can find out more about some of the other traditions for this celebration on the Culture Vannin website by clicking here

We've been putting together a spooktacular range of crafts to go into out Hop tu Naa themed Bake and Make boxes. This little guy will be supplied as a kit in the here's the instructions for anyone who is lucky enough to receive one! You could make this yourself too of course - just get someone arty to draw the outline of a vampire face for you and the rest is easy peasy!

The Bake and Make kits will be available as a special bumper edition in our online store. But we'll be sure to upload any other cute craft ideas to here too so that you can join in with some spooky fun without having the box!

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