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Hop tu Naa 'Bake and Make'

We have these gorgeous Hop tu Naa (Halloween) craft and baking packs online at the moment...and we're gearing up for our free Isle of Man delivery special offer that is taking place tomorrow! Busy, busy, busy...

They've got all the dry ingredients and decorating bits for spooky skull biscuits, plus a whole heap of crafts to keep the little ghouls and goblins busy. Gruesomely good value!

Cut off is 6pm on Tuesday 25th October to direct message me on Facebook or Instagram or through this site and take advantage of the special offer. You've don't have to miss out if you'd like another delivery date or location though! Just order yours online here:

We're uploading the craft guidance below so that we can save some paper and not put 8 different sets of instructions in each box :-) Crafts will vary (and some come with their own instructions anyway), but if you have a box and you're looking for what to do with the goodies in it then check below for your instructions!

Vampire slide eye

Flying Jinny the Witch

Fingerprint card craft

Here's Sadie's masterpiece...cute!!

Check out the ideas here for more inspiration!

Baker Ross crafts

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