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Manx Bonnag in minutes!

Literally the easiest scone bread you'll ever make...

The kids get to feel like proper bakers getting this out of the oven and you get to slap on lashings of butter and jam and enjoy it with your cuppa....everyone's a winner!

As endorsed by our lovely friends at Yn Cruinnaght (The Manx National Festival)

Here, it is - the ultimate Manx recipe! I mean, are you even Manx if you've never made Bonnag?! And the best thing is that you can buy most of the ingredients direct from suppliers on our beautiful Little Rock in the Irish Sea! Don't worry - ingredients (and tasters!) from non-Manx sources work just as well :-)

Manx Bonnag - ingredients

Manx Bonnag - method

That's all folks! Easy peasy and proper tasty! Tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram if you give it a go - we love to see how you get on!

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